James Tauber

I am the founder and CEO of Eldarion which develops complex web applications for a range of clients in education, media, and more.

I have been developing open source software and working with web technologies since 1993 and have been using Python since 1998. For the last twelve years, I have been working with Django. I am the creator and lead developer of Pinax.

I do a lot of work at the intersection of computers and philology, especially in relation to Ancient and Biblical Greek but also old Germanic languages and Indo-European in general. You can read a lot more about this work at my other site jktauber.com.

I am also interested in learning science and educational measurement, evaluation, statistics, and assessment.

My first degree was in linguistics. I recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Ancient Greek (with Distinction) and a Certificate in Educational Research Methodology. I am currently undertaking a Certificate in Germanic Philology. I have also studied musicology and music theory and have completed over thirty MOOCs on topics ranging from language teaching to astronomy to philosophy to molecular biology.

I am a technologist, an entrepreneur, a scholar and an artist.