James Tauber

I am the founder and CEO of Eldarion, an incubator and web agency focused on taking ideas to launch faster using Pinax and Django.

I currently live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts with my wife, but am originally from Perth, Western Australia.

I have been developing open source software and working with web technologies since 1993 and have been using Python since 1998. For the last ten years, I have been working with Django. I am the creator and lead developer of Pinax.

When not working with software startups, websites and open source software, I’m an aspiring filmmaker, composer and music theorist, mathematician and linguist.

I do a lot of work with the Greek New Testament and you can find out more at my other site jktauber.com.

I am a technologist, an entrepreneur, a scholar and an artist.

I am a journeyman of some.

I don't blog here any more. My musing are all now on ThoughtStreams!

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