James Tauber

I am the founder and CEO of Eldarion which develops complex web applications for a range of clients in education, digital humanities, and more.

I have been developing open source software and working with web technologies since 1993 and have been using Python since 1998. For the last sixteen years, I have been working with Django. I am the creator and lead developer of Pinax.

I do a lot of work at the intersection of computers and philology, especially in relation to Ancient and Biblical Greek but also old Germanic languages and Indo-European in general. I run the MorphGNT project and led the development of the new Scaife Digital Library Viewer. I'm an active contributor to the Open Greek and Latin Project and the Copenhagen Alliance for Open Biblical Resources. You can read a lot more about all this work at my other site jktauber.com.

I am also interested in learning science and educational measurement, evaluation, statistics, and assessment. Some of this comes up on jktauber.com in the context of teaching Greek.

I recently started a dedicated site on Modelling Music ("music theory and music notation with a twist of programming, mathematics, and linguistics") and Digital Tolkien ("Tolkien from both a linguistic and digital humanities perspective.")

My first degree was in general linguistics. I recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Ancient Greek (with Distinction), a Certificate in Educational Research Methodology, a Certificate in Germanic Philology, and a Professional Certificate in Music Theory and Composition. In addition, I have completed over forty MOOCs on topics ranging from language teaching to astronomy to philosophy to molecular biology.

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