Six Snapshots of a Simple Eclipse GEF Application

Back in March, I talked a little about my initial attempts writing an Eclipse Graphical Editor Framework (GEF) application. I wanted, then, to write a tutorial that essentially walked the reader through the various stages of the development of my first application. I even suggested some kind of versioned literate programming approach to writing the tutorial and the code at the same time.

I haven't had time since then to make any progress, but I did get the GEF application to the stage where I had put together a snapshot at each of six milestones. A few people have written to me over the last six months asking the status of my tutorial and I've sent them my six snapshots as a starting point.

It makes sense for me to just to offer them here.

You can download a ZIP file with the six snapshots at

Hopefully they are still useful, even without a surrounding tutorial.