Old Classical Piece of Mine

I've never made any of my classical music available on the web and I thought now is as good a time as any. Here's an MP3:

Divertimento for Three Clarinets — First Movement

I wrote this piece in 1988-1989 at the height of my study of and love for the music of Mozart. I was fifteen at the time and this is probably the best piece I wrote while at high school (which isn't saying much—there is a reason most composers retract their juvenilia.

The MP3 above is a realisation in Logic Pro using the Garritan Personal Orchestra samples. The piece has never actually been performed with three clarinets. It had one public performance—in Canberra at the National Science Summer School that I attended in early 1990. The performance there was with a flute, violin and another violin restrung as a viola.

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