Proof that Python Programmers are Smarter

The top three languages used in solving the Project Euler puzzles are, in order:

However, the average score of people using those languages:

QED :-)

(NOTE: Delphi and APL/J/K programmers are even smarter, apparently)

UPDATE (2006-01-21): I may have inadvertently skewed the statistics by this post (and its appearance on Planet Python and the Daily Python URL).

Since my post, the number of C/C++ programmers has risen by 19%, the number of Java programmers by 13% but the number of Python programmers by 86%. So there are a disproportionate number of newcomers amongst the Python programmers. Because one starts off with a low score, the average score is skewed unless the Python-programming newcomers stick with it.

Note that even with this skewing, Python still beats C/C++ and Java for average programmer score :-)

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