Leaving mValent

People who follow me on twitter or are friends on Facebook already know this, but last week I officially resigned from mValent.

It was over seven years ago that Duane Tharp and Clyde Logue approached me about joining them in a new venture post-Bowstreet. I had already made the decision to move back to Australia from the US and they were still willing to hire me despite being remote. Within a year we were venture funded, had hired a CEO and VP Engineering (who became my boss) and were starting to build the team.

mValent went through distinct phases and so I don't necessarily feel like I've worked in the same place for seven years but rather three or four different companies. I don't think I ever really did the job I thought I would be doing, but I learnt a tremendous amount on the business side of things and made a number of really good friends.

But it's time for me to move on. The technology I helped create and the people I helped hire now have an excellent home at Oracle. I'm ready for something new.

As to what's that is: I hope to have more to say very soon...

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