FOP Acknowledgements

Thanks (in no particular order) to:

Fotis Jannidis for providing font metrics and character encoding mappings in XML

Chris Maden for suggesting the name "FOP"

Derek B. Noonburg for fixing a problem with my PDF xref tables at the very start

Paul Prescod for suggesting I prototype in Python rather than Perl and helping me with some initial Python

Lars Marius Garshol for helping me with the design and coding of the early Python versions including unit conversion code and for suggesting an Error Handler interface

Michel Goosens for his support and early (and now recent) testing and for mentioning FOP in his book

Sebastian Rahtz for testing and bug reports, comparisons with PassiveTeX and for mentioning FOP in his book

G. Ken Holman for his encouragement and for mentioning FOP in his tutorials

Stefano Mazzocchi for suggesting how to make FOP embeddable in Cocoon (and other things), for encouraging me to go Open Source sooner rather than later and for writing the licence

John Cowan for snippets of his DOMParser and NamespaceFilter code that I pinched

Sharon Adler for her encouragement and for allowing me to better tie in FOP with what the XSL WG is doing

Stephen Deach for help interpreting the XSL specification and answering my many questions

Alex Milowski for help interpreting the XSL specification, particularly with regard to inheritance

Paul Grosso for help interpreting the XSL specification, particularly with regard to whitespace

James Clark for telling me how to use XT within FOP

Paul Tchistopolskii for pointing out that "justify" should be "justified" and for a set of test cases

Jarno Elovirta for bug reports and lots of encouragement

Gleb Urobushkin for bug reports

Stefano Bovone for encouraging me to implement break-before and break-after

Mark Owens for bug reports

Michael Kay for getting SAXON to work with FOP

Jon Bosak for starting XML in the first place and for not letting people forget XML for publishing

If you helped in any way (no matter how small) and you aren't on this list, please (1) forgive me; (2) email me to remind me.

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Last updated: 1999-10-11