Eclipse is the next Emacs

November last year, on the FoRK mailing list, I declared that "Eclipse is the new Emacs" and predicted that "by 2005, there will be people that never leave Eclipse to do their work."

Since then I've been toying with the idea of a full-blown PIM based on Eclipse: email, rss aggregation, calendar, todo and maybe even instant messaging. The nature of Eclipse is such that these not need all come from the same developers.

Yesterday, I discovered (via this presentation) that the Haystack (RDF-based PIM) project at MIT is moving to Eclipse.

Today I found a wiki-style note-taker (like VoodooPad, I guess) that runs on Eclipse.

I think my prediction is definitely shaping up to come true and it's quite possible I'll be one of those people.

UPDATE (2004/05/06): More evidence: Buying from Amazon within Eclipse