More Feeds Wanted

One of the first things I noticed when I started using a news aggregator is how much it changed my web surfing routine. I used to get up in the morning and open my bookmarks for daily reading: news sites like Slashdot and blogs like ongoing. With an aggregator I read a lot more but it's a lot more efficient because I don't need to visit a site that hasn't been updated. I've greatly reduced the number of "information inboxes" I need to routinely check. That's a good thing and David Allen agrees with me. I even read Dilbert via a feed.

There are still a small number of sites that are part of my old web surfing routine. I wish these had RSS/Atom feeds. One such site is my bank. I make a point of logging into online banking regularly to check that nothing funny is going on. Just last week I had the first case of fraudulent use of my credit card. I noticed a bunch of purchases being made in North Hollywood (where I was six weeks ago). It's a real pain to cancel a card and get a new one. But I digress. My point is that I'd like to get a feed of my transactions rather than having to explicitly go to the bank's site. (I remember financial aggregators like were big a few years ago. I wonder if they'd offer an RSS feed if they were around today).

Another feed I'd like to see: source control check-in logs. Someone must have done a CVS to RSS bridge.

Event Log Monitors with RSS has been done.

UPDATE (2004/04/17): Tim Bray actually gives the credit card transaction example in his eWeek interview

UPDATE (2004/04/23): Mel Riffe pointed me to Fisheye from the same people that make the excellent coverage tool Clover. Think of Fisheye as ViewCVS on steroids. Looks very cool - and it provides an RSS feed!

UPDATE (2004/04/23): Aaron Straup Cope pointed me to cvs2rss.

UPDATE (2004/04/23): Norm Walsh has written cvslog2atom.