37 is a Psychologically Random Number

About eight years ago, I started noticing the number 37 appearing disproportionately in television and movies. It soon became a "cult" number for my girlfriend and myself—we'd ring up each other any time we saw a "37" somewhere (that was my excuse, anyway).

We soon came to distinguish three types of instances of 37:

The third, we referred to as "true 37s". It really is remarkable how many times 37 is the number people will come up with when they are randomly picking a number but want to sound specific (as in "I can think of 37 things wrong with this proposal").

I recently found:

which lists many instances of 37 (of which only some are "true 37s").

And my sister then found the following:

On that last link, make sure you follow the link on psychologically random numbers. It's where I picked up the term for this phenomenon that has fascinated me for almost a decade.