Film Project Update: Script Almost Done and Casting About to Begin

Tom did a full draft of the screenplay on Friday which we discussed in length over the phone on Saturday and Sunday. There were a lot of great things he added but I felt some key features of the original treatment were lost. Plus, both of us felt it was going to be more difficult to cast.

So this evening, Tom did another draft and sent it to me. It has some minor issues which we talked about on the phone again, but I think we pretty much have our script. And we thought of a great reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off that fans of that film will immediately recognize.

The big challenge is now going to be casting. There are three principal parts: two males and one female. All three are professionals in their late twenties to early thirties. All interested non-union actors in the Boston-area are encouraged to send headshots and resumes to me (see contact information). Availability is required over two weekends mid-to-late August. I would have tried for a SAGIndie Experimental Film Agreement but we don't have time. Next film, I'll definitely apply.

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