More on XML and RDF

The 'Document' in Document-Oriented Messaging is another great post from mnot on why XML (and the Infoset and XML Schema) are good for surface syntax but not data modeling.

Norm Walsh argues in Is RDF/XML Good for Anything? that the RDF/XML serialization might be good for RDF "core dumps" but not for authoring data.

An earlier mnot post prompted me to write on the XML Infoset, XML Schemas, RDF and RDF Schemas. I think it combines a lot of what mnot is saying with a lot of what Norm is saying.

That doesn't necessarily mean either Norm or Mark would agree with me but I continue to believe that:

I therefore believe that when one develops a vocabulary (or "application" in the SGML sense of the term) it should include:

UPDATE (2004/08/06): I need to work out where XMI fits in all of this.