Film Project Update: Second and Final Day of Shooting

Well, I'm glad we were ahead yesterday because we had a near disaster today.

We got off to a great start at a house we were fortunate enough to be able to use but we didn't get done until an hour after we'd told the owners of the house we'd be finished.

There was a mad rush to pack up everything and get it in James Marcus's car to take back to the office for the remaining scenes. However, after it had all be loaded up, Tom tried to start the car and the key broke. Without a spare, this would have been distressing at the best of times. But when it was the main equipment transportation for the entire shoot, the whole day was in jeopardy.

We managed, however, to move all the equipment to other cars and share rides to get back only a few hours later than planned.

The final shots were a mad race against the sun but we got everything done.

So principal photography is over. I'm actually quite sad—we had a great group of people and, stress aside, it was a great deal of fun.

I now need to sleep for 20 hours straight. After I've recovered and have caught up on some of the other aspects of my life that have been neglected during the making of this film, I'll be starting on the editing.

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