Film Project Update: Editing Has Begun

This afternoon I transferred our almost four hours of rough footage to disk and this evening I did a rough cut that came in at just over 13 minutes. No major issues—just one scene with boom handling noise in every take and another scene in which the lone take features a clearly visible boom operator in the corner.

But other than that, the final film works well for me. Will be interesting to watch it tomorrow after I'm a little more detached.

Oh, and the film now has a website:

Don't look for the film itself online any time soon, though. Most festivals have a rule that makes films made available on the Internet ineligible for entry.

Update (2004/09/05): I actually think there are some continuity problems caused by "crossing the line" in a couple of scenes. Will be interesting to see if I can rescue them in editing to avoid having to reshoot.

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