Film Project Update: Score Done

I've finished scoring Alibi Phone Network and I'm extremely pleased with it. Hopefully the director, Tom Bennett, will be too (although, as producer, I have final cut anyway :-)

It's all solo piano. The main title sequence is a rearrangement of the first 8 bars of a piece for violin and piano I started working on a few years ago. The piece was going around in my head during most of the editing and the fit seemed just right.

The opening music is then broken up into different fragments representing each of the three main characters with variations depicting various moods. There's also a motif representing the alibi phone network itself.

The end title music is a based on a couple of motives from the melody of the main title music but now interpreted much more sadly (this isn't a happy ending).

I also did the remaining sound effects, and added the voice of Tom Bennett in an audio cameo as the Maitre D' at Chez Quis.

Rendering now, ready to burn to DVD and send it express courier to Tom and my co-producer, James Marcus.

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