Film Project Update: Mailing the DVD

With a climax worthy of a film, I got the DVD of Alibi Phone Network sent off to Tom for duplication and festival submission.

I had arranged to visit a friend in the afternoon and my original plan was to spend the morning doing the DVD burning, mail it off and then go visit the friend. However, the burning took longer than I planned and so I decided I'd go to the post office after I'd paid the visit.

Somewhere between when I left to go to the friend's house and when I got back home, I misplaced my wallet so I had no money to pay for the shipping. I rang my mum (who lives ten minutes away) and asked if I could come over and borrow some money. (Oh how many times in my thirty-one years my mum has come to my rescue!)

I got the money, rushed to the post office just before closing time and, as I put the parcel on the counter, the lady said "can I see some ID?". I'd forgotten that international shipping requires ID. And my drivers licence guessed my wallet.

So I raced back home, found my passport, raced back to the post office and got the DVDs sent off within minutes of closing.

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