Next Film After Alibi

After we finished principal photography on Alibi Phone Network, I suggested our next short film should expand in one of the following three dimensions:

Tom has been working on a great script that I definitely want to produce—the problem is it expands on Alibi in all three dimensions simultaneously: 40 mins versus 14; really deserves HD rather than MiniDV; massive increase in cast/crew/prop/location requirements. To do well, it would take 5 times as long a shoot and 10-20 times the budget of Alibi and, particularly given my lack of experience on HD, just too much of a risk.

So today I suggested to Tom that we think about an intermediate project. One that is around 20-25 minutes, shot on HD but not requiring much more beyond Alibi in terms of cast/crew size, number of locations, etc.

I have an idea I came up with in 2001 that would probably fit well. Watch this space!

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