Blog Goals or Lack Thereof

Dorothea Salo in Caveat Lector comments on how odd it seemed being asked how her blog was going. I think I would react the same way.

Ask how my music's going, or my filmmaking, or my morphological analysis of the Greek New Testament and I'd be able to tell you. They are projects, or at least interests manifesting as specific projects. Even the Poincare Project is foremost about me taking notes on my way to understanding the (possible) proof of the Poincare Conjecture. The use of the blog for those notes is largely incidental to that goal.

Blogging in and of itself isn't a project for me. I think that's largely because I don't have goals for it. Sure I track referrer logs and webstats, etc. Sure I get a thrill when Mark Liberman likes an idea of mine or Doc Searls doesn't. But they aren't accomplishments tracked against some schedule. I don't have monthly Scoble linkblogging targets.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But for me, like Dorothea, blogging is scribbling. Occasionally making announcements, but mostly just scribbling.