Managing Bibliographies with BibDesk

In preparation for my PhD, I recently started investigating Mac OS X tools for managing BibTeX-based bibliographies.

In the end I settled on BibDesk. I chose it because of its functional merits but it's great that it also turns out to be open source.

Because BibDesk allows me to link from an entry to a file on my local filesystem, I can just put all my PDFs in one directory and use BibDesk as the interface to all the papers.

One thing that I don't believe is supported (yet) but which I would like to use as work on my literature review continues is the ability to express relationships between entries, perhaps along the lines I talked about in Google Scholar and Typed Citations.

Of course, then I'd like to express relationships between other entities such as authors and maybe concepts, terminology, etc.

Actually, a lot of the features I'd like to see in BibDesk are features I'd like to see in any MicroContent browser. After all, that's what BibDesk really is.

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