Upgraded ProTools

I've upgraded Gideon, my recording studio's PowerMac, to ProTools LE 6.9 from 6.4 via 6.7 (DigiDesign skips version numbers in their public releases).

I haven't upgraded Gideon to Tiger yet, although ProTools LE 6.9.2 does support 10.4.1.

At the same time as ordering ProTools LE 6.9, I ordered a bunch of plugins but I discovered when I tried to install them that some of them require an iLok USB dongle. I've never had to use a dongle before—they seem so...old fashioned :-) Anyway, iLok is on its way.

What I really am missing is a decent tool for composition. ProTools is very much a tracking and mixing tool—still weak for composing / arranging.

Most products that are stronger on composition, MIDI, etc are increasingly focused on audio processing. The overlap is completely wasted on me. When I look at something like Digital Performer or Logic Pro, they seem to be pushing a bunch of stuff I already have in ProTools.

I get the impression that professional composers and producers just live with the redundancy and use overlapping tools.

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