Logic Pro

Logic Pro arrived yesterday, along with...you guessed it...dongle number three!

I've purchased three music software products in the last month and all three have required dongles. Each seems to use a different system so that's three distinct dongles in three distinct USB ports.

I haven't had much of a chance to play with Logic Pro yet but I did get it installed and working with my Digi 002. The latter turned out to require a little trick.

Digi 002 is the digital audio workstation I use with ProTools LE. It has some nice pre-amps, A/D and D/A converters, MIDI interfaces and a control surface, all connected to the computer via FireWire. It's designed for either use with ProTools LE software or standalone as a mixer.

However, it can act as a plain audio interface and MIDI interface for CoreAudio on Mac OS X.

I was hopeful that this would mean I could use it with Logic Pro—not the control surface, but at least the MIDI interface, audio inputs, pres and outputs.

Things looked promising when I ran the setup assistant for Logic Pro as it found both the audio and MIDI interfaces on the 002 via CoreAudio and I was able to select them as what I wanted to use in Logic Pro.

However, I had a brief period of disappointment when, on start up of Logic Pro, CoreAudio would kick off the Digi 002 as an available interface.

Quick bit of Googling and I found the solution: The Digi CoreAudio Manager has to be manually started before Logic Pro.

So now I've listened to the Logic Pro demo song on my reference monitors hooked up to the Digi 002.


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