Planning a Programming Competition

It occurs to me that my exploration of ordered vocabulary learning might make an interesting programming competition. Like the ICFP competition I've entered before, it's well suited to any programming language because it is the results of the program that are judged, not the program itself.

I already have the scoring program written (original by me with improvements from Tim Wegener).

So, anyone that's interested, stay tuned, I'll post the details and rules in the next 36 hours. The input data will be from the Greek New Testament but no knowledge of either Greek or the New Testament is required.

There will be four categories, with greatly varying text lengths, so differently algorithms will be applicable.

The competition will be ongoing, with a ladder of the top 5 in each category, rather than a single "event" over a couple of days.

Here are my previous posts on the topic:

The original post was in the category: programming_competition but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.