Contributing to Open Source Python Projects

Adudzik asks on 43things:

As a smart and enthusiastic beginner, where should I look for good open source projects, preferably in Python?

While it's possible to find open source projects being done in Python on SourceForge and listed on FreshMeat, what would benefit people like Adudzik, in my opinion, is being apprenticed to a willing project lead. Sort of like the Summer of Code but longer term and restricted to existing projects (and presumably with less chance of monetary payment). SourceForge and FreshMeat don't really indicate which projects would be willing to take on an apprentice.

So perhaps could run a directory of open source python projects that would be willing to take on an apprentice.

I'd certainly be willing to take on an apprentice or two on a number of my projects such as Leonardo, pyso or Cleese.

As I've written elsewhere:

I believe writing software is a craft. I also believe that writing code is something well suited to an apprentice-journeyman-master model particularly when applied in an open source context.

So ultimately I'd love to see virtual schools under a master with a number of journeymen and apprentices. Apprentices work on projects mostly under the direction of the journeymen. The journeymen have more responsibility on projects and start their own projects under the direction of the master. Eventually, a journeyman presents a released piece of software as his or her "masterpiece" and is declared by some loose collection of masters (a guild) as a new master. This guild would also be responsible for the recruitment of new apprentices.

That's my larger vision but just having a directory of projects willing to take on an apprentice would be a good start.

Any other thoughts?

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