Starting Leukippos

Given that Leonardo has web-based editing, I'll need some kind of web-based Atom Protocol client once Leonardo is based on Demokritos.

I've been toying for a while with writing an AJAX-based Atom client. The natural name for it would be Leukippos. (Leukippos was the teacher of Demokritos and co-originator of the Greek idea of atoms.)

Anyway, tonight I made a start. My first version of Leukippos retrieves an APP introspection document via XmlHttpRequest, parses it to retrieve the workspaces and collections and allows a user to click on a collection to retrieve it.

I'm not finished collection feed parsing yet, but once that's done and I've prettied it up a bit with CSS, I'll post it here.

My ultimate goal would for it to function something like TiddlyWiki but, of course, with Atom Protocol support (an idea I've mentioned before).

The original post was in the categories: atompub demokritos leukippos but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.