Emacs, Unicode and Greek on Mac OS X

Ulrik Petersen pointed me to How to use EMACS with Unicode Greek (polytonic Greek (multiaccented) included) and LaTeX.

"I can go back to using Emacs!" I thought to myself (actually, I probably typed it out loud to Ulrik over IM)

All that remained was to find a more up-to-date OS X build of Emacs. OS X comes with 21.2 but the greek.el above requires 21.3.

My initial Google searching found that a lot of Emacs for OS X work ended in 2003.

Then I stumbled across this: Carbon Emacs.

Emacs 22 for Tiger (with Universal Build).

The anti-aliasing is beautiful and greek.el works a charm.

Now to dig up my old .emacs file...

The original post was in the categories: os_x emacs greek unicode but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.