Update: PhD

I was officially supposed to start on April 24th but I didn't receive the enrollment form until after that date (and after I'd left for the US). By the time I got the form, sent it to the UK, got details of where to wire the fee, etc, it was June. But as far as I know, I'm now officially enrolled.

The term ended June 30th so I guess I officially missed this term and am now on summer break before I've even started :-)

However, my supervisor, Professor Spencer, is running a course at the Australia Linguistics Institute in just over a week so my sister, Jenni, and I are flying to Brisbane to attend the Institute before flying down to Sydney to attend COLING.

Not only will Prof Spencer's course at ALI be a nice foundation for my PhD research, it will also be the first opportunity we've had to meet face-to-face.

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