Users Can't Change OS X Password Using passwd

I've previous mentioned I've got a new machine for

Besides the problem that Trac doesn't work on Python 2.5, the other problem is the users I've created accounts for can't change their passwords.

I created the accounts with niload, just like I did on the older machine. But when people try to login and change their password, 'passwd' asks them for the old and new passwords and then just exits with 'Sorry'.

I can't see anything obvious in netinfo and no amount of Googling so far has turned anything up.

Any ideas under what circumstances passwd will refuse to change a user's password?

NOTE: It's not a problem with the password itself. If I log in as myself, I can change my password but if I log in as other user and try to change their password to the same one I used for my own account, passwd exits with 'Sorry'.

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