Incompatible SQLite in OS X and Python

I started my porting of Quisition to django last night.

For development, I'm using SQLite as my database, but it seems I've hit a problem with conflicting versions.

Mac OS X comes with SQLite 3.1.3. That's what's used running sqlite3 at the command-line or running django's dbshell.

However, I'm guessing that when my application is running normally, django is using the SQLite that comes with Python 2.5 (which looks like it could be 3.3.5 or something).

As a result, databases created by django cannot be viewed using sqlite3 at the command-line or running dbshell. There must be a file format incompatibility between SQLite 3.1.x and 3.3.x as I get the error message:

Error: unsupported file format

UPDATE: I downloaded SQLite 3.3.8 and built it (although only after working out I needed to do a gcc_select 4.0 first). The new sqlite3 works fine on the django-generated database.

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