PyCon Submission Rejected

Just got the rejection notice for my PyCon submission on pyjamas. The non-positives all had a single criticism: pyjamas isn't mature enough.

I don't quite agree—pyjamas is actually quite far along. Probably didn't help that I conservatively called the last release 0.1 even though it was probably more of a 0.5 :-)

They had a lot more submissions than places, though, so it looks like it will be a great programme, with or without pyjamas.

UPDATE (2006-11-30): The above makes me sound more upset than I am. I know how hard it is to draw a cut line when there are many more submissions than places so I don't envy the job the committee had. I was actually quite pleased that (lack of) maturity was the only negative reason given. That's easy to fix :-) But I'm still wondering if the 0.1 designation counted against me.

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