My new site is

Here's how I describe it on the home page:

This site will let you record your predictions of what will happen (or otherwise be revealed) in the final Harry Potter book.

Then on July 21st, when the book is released, the site will no longer accept predictions. A short time after, results will start to be published here and you'll be able to see how you went.

To compare yourself to your friends, you can form groups and, when the results are revealed, you can see how you went relative to your friends. You will also be able to see how your groups (you can be in more than one) compared to other groups.

We hope that this site will provide a little fun while you wait in anticipation of the final book's release.

Thanks to the amazing development efficiency of Python, Django and, I was able to get this site launched within 72 hours of conceiving of it. There are still features I want to add, but it's (hopefully) a lot of fun already.

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