Demokritos and django-atompub

I just added the following to the django-atompub page on Google Code:

The approach is to start from the specific and only later make it more generic. In other words, I'm building a specific Atom store implementation with all sorts of simplifying assumptions, such as the fact that a collection's path is always /collection/{id}/. Over time, I will make this more generic and django-atompub will be a library rather than an implementation. I'll still keep the specific implementation going though, it will just be called "Demokritos" again and will not be hosted here. Demokritos will be an Atom store that happens to be written on top of Django. django-atompub will be a contributed library for people wanting to add Atom support to their Django sites.

The original post was in the categories: python django atompub demokritos but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.