Back To The Feature

Way back in February 2006 I blogged about starting my first feature film. Tom had just completed a first draft and I had some tough criticism that led to a number of big rewrites. Today, Tom delivered a draft (see his blog entry about it) that will form the basis of the initial script breakdown, production planning and budgeting.

21 months seems like a long time to get a script to this stage but I would hazard a guess that it's actually fairly quick by Hollywood standards. For a low-budget indie, we've probably done a lot more script revisions than the norm but I hope that shows in the quality of the final film.

So the next step is a script breakdown. That's where I take Tom's script and basically construct a database of all the characters, locations, props, special equipment, etc required. This will give me a much better idea of how long the film will take to make and how much it will cost to make.

I'm hoping to have something done by the end of next weekend.

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