Macworld Keynote

Lots of good stuff of great interest to me.

No wow moments during the video given rumours and spoilers beforehand, although I did like the way he announced the studios behind iTunes movie rentals, announcing the mini-majors before the majors and the latter with the line "and by the way...these six too".

I've already bought external drives for use with Time Machine and already have an Airport Extreme, so Time Capsule came a little too late for me. It is a pain unplugging the drive from my laptop all the time, though. And if I get an Air (see below) I'd need a Time Capsule anyway; unless they release an update that allows any external drive to connect to an Airport Extreme.

I've already updated my iPhone. Ability to put bookmarks on the home page is nice (currently, I have Facebook and Quisition). I've tried out the locator and it works great in my apartment. I'll try it more tonight when I'm out on the road.

Updated iTunes too and rented a movie. Worked beautifully. I will definitely be watching a lot of movies this way now.

I don't have a TV here in the US (watch everything on my computer) so Apple TV doesn't interest me at the moment. Steve's admission of failure on the first release was refreshing and it's nice that Take 2 is a free software upgrade for existing Apple TV users.

I only heard Steve say "Boom!" once (around the 45m mark). Coincidentally, it was shortly after the Flickr demo blew up.

The Air is very appealing to me. I used to have a 12" PowerBook from 2004 when I was traveling between Australia and the US a lot. My current laptop (a 17" MacBook Pro I bought mid-2006) dates from a time when I was living for months at a time in a hotel and it was basically my primary machine. Now I've settled into an apartment, I have a Mac Pro as my primary machine. The times I do travel, the 17" is just a little too big.

So the Air is a nice option as a travel laptop. The battery life is appealing. I haven't heard anything about whether the SSD increases the battery life even more. The HDD is slow but the SSD is a lot more expensive. I haven't decided yet. I'm at least going to wait a couple of weeks to see one in person and hear initial feedback.

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