Django Collaborator Wanted

Just on the off-chance I find the right match amongst the readers of this blog...

So here's the deal: I'd really like a django developer to collaborate with on Quisition, habitualist and/or one or two other sites I haven't announced yet. This isn't a paid gig (yet!), I'm looking for a partner or two. Also, and maybe this will make it more interesting for some of you: I want to make large parts of all my sites into generic open source django apps so you could view this as mostly contributing to a set of open source projects, but ones that are directed toward the needs of specific websites.

Other technologies involved are jQuery and PostgreSQL (and obviously Javascript, SQL, CSS and Python in general).

Being local (i.e. Boston area) would be preferred as I'd love time face-to-face but I'm open to remote collaboration. If we already know each other, that makes it a much easier decision.

Email me if you're interested in discussing more.

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