Another You Me Us We Review

Forte Magazine has a review of Nelson Clemente's EP and had this to say about You Me Us We (which I composed and co-produced):

Aussie boy Nelson Clemente has been impressing blogger types for most of 2007; his ace track "You Me Us We" left a mark on many electronic music fans with its subtle throwbacks to mellow house and 80’s europop. Its gorgeous harmony, solid production and heart-tugging lyrics helped the track along in earning its title as EQ’s Song Of The Year, 2007. Nelson’s debut E.P. "6th Perception" features this pop masterpiece along with several remixes and two new tracks.

and later...

For a first E.P (three tracks, four remixes,) this is a solid start. The perfect and sublime "You Me Us We" is still the best song on here.

Emphasis mine :-)

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