This simple django app is for cases where you don't want to require an email address to signup on your website but you do still want to ask for an email address and be able to confirm it for use in optional parts of your website.

A user can have zero or more email addresses linked to them. The user does not have to provide an email address on signup but, if they do, they are emailed with a link they must click on to confirm that the email address is theirs. A confirmation email can be resent at any time.

As of r22, what's on the trunk here should be usable but I welcome feedback on how to make it better. The source contains a working project that shows all the features of the app as well as providing useful code for your own project.

This code is based in part on django-registration and is essentially a replacement for it where your requirements are different.

The original post was in the category: django but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.