New Site Look

If you read this in a feed reader, you might want to go to my actual site to see what I'm talking about :-)

Usually, when I rewrite the underlying code behind, I do a redesign of the look as well. In the 14 years that has been around, it's probably had around 10 different looks. The last change took place when I wrote Leonardo in 2003.

When I ported Leonardo to Django I really should have changed the look, in keeping with tradition, but I didn't. I decided this weekend to do some code clean up and add a couple of new features and ended up doing a completely new look as well. I also switched from Django 0.96.1 to Django trunk (including qs-rf), although I don't make use of any of the new features yet.

Here's a brief list of what I did change:

Had to trigger hasLayout in IE6 to get it to work there. Fortunately, I'd had that issue previously with Quisition so knew what to do. Thank goodness for VMware Fusion to enable me to check the site on IE6.

I quite like the new look, especially in comparison to the old look. I'm more than a little chuffed at getting the autoscrolling working too :-)

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