LOTRO on VMware Fusion

I've hardly played Lord of the Rings Online at all the last six months and not at all the last three.

My only copy of Windows is a VMware Fusion instance and LOTRO doesn't work on VMware Fusion. That is...until now.

I was excited to hear that the new VMware Fusion 2.0 beta 1 supported pixel shaders in DirectX 9 and I wondered if that meant LOTRO would work. I downloaded the beta, which JUST WORKED with my existing VM (which wasn't even shut down). I spent an hour or so updating LOTRO but my first attempt to start the game failed.

The error message was different, though. Instead of being about the graphics adapter it was a complaint about a Game Error 127. A Google search revealed this post and so I tried making the config change they suggested there.

And BINGO! I can now run Lord of the Rings Online on VMware Fusion!

I haven't tweaked the settings yet to see if it's playable but I'm hopeful.

VMware, you are amazing!

UPDATE: I played LOTRO for a little bit tonight. I had to turn sound off as it was too jittery. Graphics were fine, though, on Low detail and low resolution. The mouse look problem mentioned in the comments was easily fixed by just going to options and changing the mouse look sensitivity.

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