Introducing Pinax

In the post Reusable Django Apps and Introducing Tabula Rasa I mentioned my project to create an out-of-the-box Django-based website with everything but the domain-specific functionality.

At the time I was calling it Tabula Rasa but now I've settled on the Greek word Pinax, proposed by Orestis Markou.

So far it's just my new django-email-confirmation app tied together with password change and reset, login/logout, with the beginnings of a tab-style UI. There's a ton more I want to refactor out of my existing websites to put into it as well as adding support for OpenID and the stuff I'm starting to do for django-friends.

Even if one doesn't use Pinax as the starting point of a website, I'm hoping it will prove very useful for another goal, namely a "host" project to develop and tryout reusable apps.

The initial code is available at under /trunk/projects/pinax and there is a running instance for you to try out at:

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