The Rocker

My friend and filmmaking partner, Tom Bennett used to manage a band and still owns a Silver Eagle Coach from back in the day. About a year ago, he was contacted by 20th Century Fox interested in using the coach in a film.

The film was The Rocker (official site, IMDb) which comes out this month. It's the story of a failed drummer (played by The Office's Rainn Wilson) who, after 20 years of seeing the band he got kicked out of rise to stellar heights, finally gets a second chance.

Tom invited me to an advanced screening last week (it was fun going into the cinema and saying "we're on the list" :-)

The movie was a lot of fun. A predictable plot but well handled. Wilson's character seemed to me to have just the right balance of flaws and virtues. Solid acting all round, although the highlight comedically was Jason Sudeikis as the band manager. He got the best lines and delivered them with impeccable timing.

The original songs were excellent as well.

Pete Best (appropriately) has a cameo but I missed it.

Tom and his son Travis (who travelled up to Cleveland for a few days of shooting) also had roles as background and I spotted them (not that Tom would have let me miss that :-)

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