Pinax Project and Cloud27

The initial growth of Pinax was helped by us building a demo social networking site, but it often led to confusion about Pinax the platform as opposed to Pinax the social networking site.

The demo social networking site was (and still is) at but that URL also confused people not familiar with the original django-hotclub mailing list I started to discuss how to better build reusable Django apps.

Furthermore, it was becoming clear that the demo social networking site was actually useful, not just as a demo of Pinax, but in its own right.

And so, a few weeks ago, I decided that the demo site should migrate to a new, standalone site and that Pinax, the platform, needed a home.

The former will soon be launched as Cloud27 which, at the moment, is just a splash screen, but which will eventually replace Users of Cloud27 need not necessarily care that Pinax is underlying the site.

That leaves a site about the Pinax platform to point people to. I just launched that this morning and it's available at:

This new domain is what anyone talking about Pinax should link to — it's the new home of Pinax itself.

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