More Dr Horrible

I got another request for a Dr Horrible song so here is Laundry Day / Freeze Ray from Act I:

For easy access, here are my previous three efforts:

Enjoy! (and go buy Dr Horrible on iTunes to hear the real thing)

PS If you're Jed Whedon, I'd love to talk to you more about your scoring.

UPDATE (2008-08-04): Here are backing versions (i.e. without vocal lines) of the other two songs above:

UPDATE (2008-08-05): Here's the Bad Horse phone call from Act II:

UPDATE (2008-08-06): Here's Brand New Day from Act II both with and without vocal lines

UPDATE (2008-08-06): RINGTONES! Now see Dr Horrible Ringtones

UPDATE (2008-09-27): A Man's Gotta Do

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