Storing HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR in Django

I occasionally get a

ProgrammingError: value too long for type character(15)

when people post to my blog. There aren't any fields in my model declared to have a max_length of 15 so I was always a little confused and in almost all cases, it was a spammer anyway so never took the time to investigate further.

But then someone just emailed me and told me they were getting a 500 when posting a comment to my blog. So I decided to investigate and that's where it started getting interesting...


./ sql leonardo

revealed no sign of a field of length 15 either. So I went into the DB (in my case PostgreSQL)'s shell.

A quick

\d leonardo_comment


author_ipaddress | character(15)

Like many blogs, I capture the IP address of the commenter so I can block spam.

In my model I have:

author_ipaddress = models.IPAddressField(null=True)

Which Django's ORM translates to:

"author_ipaddress" inet NULL

which PostgreSQL is obviously storing as a character(15).

Why would an IP Address be more than 15 characters, though?

Well, I went back to the error log and noticed this:


(note: I changed the second address to protect the original poster)

You see, because the Apache instance running django is behind another webserver (on the same machine), I can't rely on REMOTE_ADDR because it's always So I log HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.

What I didn't realise until now is that HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR can be a list.

I guess the best solution is to just change the field to a CharField.

Other Djangonauts who are logging HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR might want to heed this warning: don't use IPAddressField.

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