Category Feeds Available

I finally got around to doing something I've wanted to do for ages, only to discover it could be done in all of fifteen minutes. I'm talking about per-category feeds on

For over a year, my django-atompub has supported the parameterized feeds that django's built-in syndication feeds do but I never made use of them myself.

Fifteen minutes and roughly 20 lines of code later, the site now has a separate feed for each category. If you go to a page that is also a category, such as python or django or music theory or filmmaking or poincare project there will both be an extra feed advertised in the html head and a link from the "feed icon" after the list of "Pages in this category". So if you are only interested in a particular topic you can just subscribe to that (although I hope you don't—I did this more for topical aggregators)

One thing I always struggled with when thinking about category feeds before was how to handle subsumption relationships. If I put something in django should it automatically go in python? If in python then in some broader software category? or computing category? I certainly want to avoid the assumption of hierarchy (see some previous posts on that topic).

So for now I've left categories with no additional structure.

The original post was in the categories: django leonardo this_site atom_format blogging but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.