Bayesian Classification of Pages on This Site

A year ago, in Automatic Categorization of Blog Entries, I talked about automatically categorizing (or at least suggesting categories for) blog posts using a Bayesian classifier.

I finally decided to give it a go, using Reverend.

To train it, all I basically did was:

from reverend.thomas import Bayes
from leonardo.models import Page

guesser = Bayes()

for page in Page.objects.all():
    for category in page.categories.all():
        guesser.train(category.term, page.content)

Let's pick 10 random blog entries and see how it goes guessing them:

By "nothing conclusive" I mean that the highest guess was less than 2%. It is interesting that guesses were either < 2% or were around 40% and, in the latter case, they were always correct. So at least no false positives. I wonder what the reason for the false negatives were, though.

Next I tried it against all pages (that had a category). There were 284 cases where no prediction over 5% was made. But in the 288 cases where a prediction over 5% was made, in 287 cases the prediction was correct. In only 1 case was a wrong prediction over 5% made. And it was simply that the classifier thought poincare project should have been tagged "poincare project" :-)

So the precision was basically 100% but the recall 50%.

The original post was in the categories: python this_site mathematics but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.

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