DjangoCon Talks on Pinax

DjangoCon is on next month in Portland Oregon and the initial talk schedule has just gone up. There are three talks on Pinax I'm directly involved with (and maybe others that will touch on Pinax):

If you're new to Pinax, you should consider attending the first talk. If you're already using Pinax you may still learn some stuff but we'll definitely tread some ground that would already be familiar to you.

The second talk is just a brief introduction to our development process works, how you can get involved and contribute and what sorts of things you might want to work on. If you've already started using Pinax and are looking to learn how to get more involved in the project itself, this short talk is for you.

The third talk is an updated State of Pinax talk that will cover what's in 0.7 and what the plans are for 0.8 and 0.9 and beyond. It should have something of interest for everyone, Pinax beginners and experts alike.

We'll also be sprinting on Pinax too following the conference itself. If you're interested in joining the sprint, the How to Contribute to Pinax talk is probably a must.

I look forward to seeing a bunch of you at DjangoCon.

Eldarion is a silver sponsor of DjangoCon.

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