Open Source Project: parse-helper.js

Continuing my blogging about an open source project of mine each day during OSCON...

parse-helper (github) is a javascript library for building controls for assisting in the entry of parsing codes during linguistic annotation. I only just started it last week as part of a larger project called OXLOS, a Pinax-based platform for collaborative corpus linguistics.

The idea of parse-helper is that the controls could be attached to any text input expecting a parse code to be entered.

It currently includes support for the CCAT parsing codes for Ancient Greek (as used by the MorphGNT project). Other parsing schemes are planned.

The CCAT support includes filtering available attributes based on part-of-speech selected (and choice of verbal mood can further refine the options).

At the moment there is no support for going the other way and taking an existing parse code as a string and correctly showing the individual attribute values selected. This will be coming soon.

This project is at a very early stage and I'm sure the code could be improved a lot.

You can view a demo.

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