Julython 2012 First Week

This month I'm participating in Julython 2012, mostly just an excuse for me to dust off some old opensource projects and release some new ones I've been working on privately. The timing is particularly appropriate as at the end of the month I'm speaking at PyOhio on crazy little open source projects in Python.

Here's what I worked on this week:

pyuca: an implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm

Allows proper sorting of non-English words. Wrote this code a while ago for a blog post but now it's on github and PyPI.

ultima4: code for exploring Ultima IV data files

Older code, put on github for the first time. Extracts world and town maps as well as town inhabitant and talk data.

skyrim: code for exploring Skyrim data files

This has been on github for a while but didn't handle PNG textures properly. The problem had been identify via a StackExchange question but I only implemented the solution in my code this week.

lotro: code for exploring LOTRO data files

Very old code and not even all I have, but I decided to start releasing it on and work a little more on it again.

pyifs: an iterated function system

Originally written a couple of years ago but never made public. As well as open sourcing, I changed it from output PPM files to PNGs, added a linear transformation, cleaned up the code a little and added some example images.

minilight: a global illumination renderer

This has been open source for a while. This week, however, I changed it from outputting PPM files to PNGs.

cassidy: a CSS library for Python

Started this recently but this week open sourced it and added lexing and parsing of CSS selectors with PLY.

sebastian: symbolic music analysis and composition library

Refactored project layout and did a proper release to PyPI. More planned this month.

czerny: a tool for assessing the performance of piano exercises

Just clarified license. Lots more planned this month.

pinax-project-zero: base project layout for Pinax projects

Mostly just tweaked differences between master and dev. Hoping for a django-user-accounts release soon so I can move on to other Pinax starter projects.

pycon: website for PyCon US

Working specifically on PyCon US 2013 site this week but it's open source and being abstracted out as Pinax Symposion for conferences in general. This work is sponsored by the Python Software Foundation.

gondor-client: official Gondor command line client

Didn't intended to work on this but needed to make a fix. It's in Python and open source so I guess it counts :-)

If you'd like to support my personal open source work, I'm on Gittip. Open source Django work can always be sponsored through Eldarion.

The original post was in the categories: python open_source but I'm still in the process of migrating categories over.